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The aims of the Society are to promote interest in the life and works of novelist and scriptwriter James Hilton (1900 - 1954)


James Hilton, AuthorThe aims of the Society are to promote interest in the life and work of novelist and scriptwriter James Hilton (1900 - 1954).  The Society plans to issue two or three Newsletters each year and to hold an Annual Conference, with the intention of re-stimulating interest in his work.  The goal of the Society is that through ongoing publicity Hilton's extensive range of novels will once more be made freely available and back in print; and that the numerous films with which he was connected will be the subject of more critical analysis and be more regularly reissued.  It is also intended to compile a collection of his writings which could be of use to scholars.  Another project is to encourage research into the myths and legends surrounding his most esoteric novel, Lost Horizon, in which Hilton created the earthly paradise of Shangri-La.
The inaugural meeting of the Society was held in Cambridge in September 2000 to mark the centenary of Hilton's birth.  Future meetings will be held in London or Cambridge, and in addition to gatherings to discuss Hilton's novels and films it is hoped to arrange occasional excursions to places of interest associated with Hilton.  Many of our members are keen book collectors and a popular feature of our meetings is the buying and selling of copies of Hilton's books.
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